macOS system intergrity protection

2018.02.25 00:08 from OSX

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Since the introduction of Apple's System Integrity Protection (SIP) policy in El Capitan (10.11), various applications and features have sometimes required a circumvention of the policy in order to install correctly.

Once the software has been installed without active SIP, the protective policy can typically be immediately restored.

Temporarily turning off the protection may be suggested during troubleshooting, or it may be required in order for specific software components to install correctly to the workstation.

To disable SIP:

  • First, uninstall the application that may have partially or incorrectly installed, if applicable
  • Reboot the system and hold down Command+R (⌘+R) keys simultaneously when you hear the startup chime; this will boot macOS into Recovery Mode
  • Once in Recovery mode, open a Terminal window from the Utilities drop-down menu at the top of the screen
  • Type in the Terminal: csrutil disable
  • Hit Enter, and you’ll see a message saying that System Integrity Protection has been disabled and that the Mac needs to restart for changes to take effect
  • Restart the machine (enter reboot in the Terminal, or use the Apple menu to find the Restart option)
  • Install the desired software

To re-enable SIP after installation:

  • Reboot into Recovery Mode again (⌘+R at system chime)
  • Open a Terminal and enter: csrutil enable
  • Reboot

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